D Company
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
1966 - 1972

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This web is dedicated to the troopers who served with D company 1/11 Armored Cavalry Regiment (the Blackhorse) in Vietnam.   The company consisted of about ninety men assigned to three platoons each  equipped with five M48-A2C or M48-A3 tanks, and a headquarters platoon with two more tanks, an M88 tank recovery vehicle, and a number of M113-A1 personnel carriers.  To make this web serve the needs of the D Company veterans, I need your help.  Please contact me at david.avery@dartmouth.edu  with stories, poems, photos and contact addresses that I can add to this page.

D company Reunion:

O.K. Guys we've got a reunion coming up the first part of June so start making your reservations because it will be here before you realize. I'll send you another reminder in a couple months.  Every year now it seems that we lose some of our brothers so let’s get together while we can.                


Our 2017 reunion will be June 8th, 9th and 10th at the Comfort Suites Airport Hotel, 6535 Paramount Park Drive, Louisville Kentucky. (Same place as 2015 reunion)

The block of rooms will be held until May 11th, 2017, so make your reservation before then. Room rate will be $90.00 +tax for two queens or one king bed. For those of you that come before Thursday the rate will be good on Tuesday, Wednesday, and also for Sunday night. Phone numbers for the hotel are 502-964-0740 and 502-964-0730. It’s very important that you tell them it’s for the D company reunion. Each room has a refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot, along with a free hot breakfast. The hotel has free airport pick up like from six in the morning until ten at night. We will have something to eat each evening, sandwiches on Thursday, Pizza on Friday and Barbeque on Saturday. Water, sodas and beer will also be provided along with snacks during the day.

We will do an auction again so if you can bring an item to auction off, please do so. For those of you that haven’t attended a D company reunion we use the auction money for the next reunion. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at:

11thcavlarry@gmail.com or cavtanker33@windstream.net  or give me a call at 606-678-5331 or 606-219-7809

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My friend Mike Phillips served with MAC/CORDS in Vietnam and after thirty years returned to Vietnam for a visit last summer.  Although Vietnamese today remember it as "The American War," a small man Mike met on a Mekong River ferry at My Tho summed up the attitude of many Vietnamese. "The Americans were the only army that came to help us," he said. "You fought for an ideal. You were wrong. But everyone else fought for profit."


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